Dünyada e-Devlet Uygulamaları

Ministry for Public Service and Sports
Austrian government's portal

Austrian Finance Ministry's eGovernment pages
  (also in English)

Ministry for Civil Service and Modernisation of Public Administration
Portal for social security

The Belgian federal portal
(also in English)
The eGovernment of the Region of Wallonia
The eGovernment unit of the Flemish Government

Czech Republic
Ministry of Informatics
Access to public sector documentation
An information system on public procurement and auctions


Ministry of Finance
Cyprus portal for all Government departements and services on the Internet

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Danish central and the regional and local administrations
 (also in English)


Estonian National eGovernment site (also in English and Russian)
eServices portal
eDemocracy service

eFinland - technology serving people (in English)
Finland public services (also in English)

Ministry for Civil Service and Modernisation of Public Administration
French public services portal (also in English, German and Spanish)
Observatory on the French electronic adminsitration
Information society programme pages
French agency for ICT in the public administration

Federal Ministry of the Interior - IT Directorate
The central gateway to Web content of the German administration

Ministry of the Interior
Greece eGovernment portal (also in English)

Ministry of Informatics and Communications

Hungarian eGovernment portal (also in English and German)


Ministry of Information Society - Department of the Taoiseach
Irish eGovernment site
The Irish Information Society Commission

The Italian Ministry for Innovation and technologies (also in English)
Italian regional centres on eGovernment
Italian municipalities telematic network
National citizen's portal

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Latvian Government website

Lithuania Government website (also in English)
Ministry of the Interior

Ministry for Public Service and Administrative Reform
Luxembourg eGovernment website

Ministry of Justice and Local Government

Malta Government services online (also in English)

Ministry of Sciencific Research and Information Technology
(also in English)
The Polish Ministry of the Economy, Labour and Social Policy
The Polish Chancellery of the Prime Minister


Portugal’s public services portal
Mission Unit for Innovation and Knowledge

Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications

The Slovak Republic Government Office (also in English)

Ministry of Information Society

eGovernment of the Republic of Slovenia (also in English)

Ministry of Public Administrations
A citizens’ portal
A virtual office of the finance agency

Swedish eGovernemment initiative "24/7-agency" (also in English)
Portal of Swedish eGovernment sites (in English, German and French)
Northern eDimension eGovernment Action Line (in English)

The Netherlands
Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
Dutch eGovernment website (also in English)

United Kingdom
eGovernment Unit of the Cabinet office
Department of Trade and Industry (Communications and Information Industries Directorate)
Public access to the UK government online information and services
eGovernment services in the UK
Policies and standards for eGovernment


Ministry of Transport and Communications
Council of Ministers
Bulgarian Government Portal
Co-ordination Center for Information Communication and Management Technologies

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

The Romanian Government portal (also in English and French)
eGovernment portal (also in English)

Prime Ministry - Undesecretariat for State Planning Organisation

National eGovernment site


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